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A Message About the Founders

Founders Muhammad Hajaj and Abdullah Budeir have known each other since childhood. They grew up together, attended college together, and have always had the same vision. Their experiences in their community with their local Islamic programs inspired them to provide a similarly enriching program to the upcoming youth. As students of business, they wanted to use their newly learned skills to benefit the community. Thus the idea of Golden Age Youth was born. We at Golden Age Youth firmly believe in the value of creating outstanding experiences for the next generation of Muslims. These experiences allow the young Muslims to learn and grow together. We want to be a platform for local scholars and speakers to share knowledge.

​We believe that creating a “golden age” starts with our youth, who are at a pivotal, “golden” age in their personal development as Muslims.

​It is our mission to provide programs that allow these youth to learn, grow, and mature into the next generation of Muslim leaders. After assessing the different programs in the Atlanta Muslim community, we realized that the middle school age group was severely underserved. This is a huge disservice to not only the youth but our entire communities. Middle School is a vital time for adolescents to learn more about their values, their deen and most importantly, their sense of self.

Check out our ever-expanding team below.

  • Abdullah Budeir

    Founder and Program Director

  • Kinza Tariq

    Academic Services and Marketing Director

  • Matib Ahmad

    Lead Instructor and Academic Advisor

  • Muhammad Hajaj

    Founder and Operations Director


Our partners trust our team and approach to solving important problems for their communities.

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If your organization is interested in partnering with Golden Age, let us know. We're excited to work with you!