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Role Description:

Golden Age Summer Program Directors organize, staff, manage, lead, and operate Golden Age’s Summer Program in their respective communities. Summer Program Directors oversee teachers and assistants to ensure a high quality, beneficial program for all students. They work with the leaders and administrators of the local community to ensure the program is carried out with the interests of the community in mind, and with respect for the facilities and communities the programs take place in. They are the point of contact with parents, and are responsible for the safety and well being of the children as well as for communicating on a regular and cordial basis with parents. Lastly, they serve as program administrators, making sure the program runs smoothly and on schedule on a day to day basis, dealing with any outstanding issues between students, and contributing positively to the learning environment. 


Golden Age Summer Program Directors are responsible for tasks relating to the setup and
operation of Golden Age’s Summer Program including, but not limited to:

● Contributing to the process of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting qualified counselors/teachers
with the ability to effectively teach Islamic topics to the students
● Contributing to the training and hiring process for summer program teachers
● Coordinating with Golden Age on the implementation of the summer program curriculum
● Contributing to coordinating program layout at the specific facility the program takes place at

● Working with Golden Age to market the summer program to the local community in strategic,
creative including information tables, social media announcements, emails, word of mouth,
announcements, etc to ensure maximum attendance

● Being present for all days the program runs and overseeing the program on a daily basis
● Holding teachers, assistants and counselors accountable to attendance and other guidelines
● Ensuring the program runs according to schedule and that all aspects of the curriculum are carried

● Ensuring a safe and positive environment for all students and teachers
● Responding to and remedying the concerns of parents and community members
● Dealing with student conflicts, injuries, and other incidents
● Ensuring the best quality learning environment for all students
● Serving as a head instructor at the summer program
● Preparing for and teaching one class of students throughout the program

● 7-8 weeks
● June 1st – July 23rd 2020
● Mondays – Thursdays
● 11:00AM – 2:00PM

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