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Role Description

Golden Age Content Developers research, read, organize, and write during the process of crafting Golden Age’s learning packages. These packages include instructional materials as well as systems for institutions to use when educating youth in Sunday schools, summer programs, and other contexts. Instructional materials include teacher’s curricula, student workbooks, and learning activities. The systems which are a part of Golden Age’s learning packages include teacher’s trainings, handbooks on best practices, and tools for program administration.

Golden Age Content Developers determine optimal ways to help students learn and help engineer materials and systems conducive to this goal. They combine existing material with newly created content in their quest to improve Islamic educational programs and create a generation capable of leading the world to a golden age. The Golden Standard, Golden Age’s standard for youth Islamic Education, informs the content which they develop. Finally, Golden Age Content Developers play a role in training teachers on how to deploy Golden Age’s learning packages.


The tasks of Golden Age Partnership & Programming Managers include, but are not limited to: 

Content Development

  • Helping specify Golden Standard and define what Islamic education should achieve using information from research and expert interviews
  • Sourcing, compiling, organizing and synthesizing existing content from public resources and external institutions
  • Creating new learning packages for use in youth education programs that are based on the Golden Standard. Packages include lesson plans, classroom activity instructions, teacher’s curricula, best practices handbooks, student workbooks, assessments, administrative tools and tracking systems, and other components
  • Meeting with team members regularly to make streamline communication and coordinate development work
  • Producing accurate and timely reporting on the status of content development throughout 

Content Delivery

  • Building and conducting teacher’s trainings


  • Passion for Islamic education
  • Robust moral compass
  • Devoted work ethic
  • Previous educational or professional experience with Islamic studies, Arabic
  • Strong verbal, writing, and creative skills
  • Competency in Microsoft Word
  • Minimum of 10 available hours per week

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