Weekend Retreat

An experience in the outdoors

Inspiring Speakers

A sincere word of advice or a lesson taken to heart may guide a child for a lifetime. 

Golden Age Weekend Retreats seek to plant seeds of spiritual growth in each child and connect them with God’s creation. Children benefit from the company of inspiring mentors, scholars, and community leaders.

Engaging Activities

There’s never a dull moment at a Golden Age Weekend Retreat.

Retreats are packed with engaging activities, workshops, and games. From swimming with friends, to reading Quran under the stars, to playing sports in the outdoors, each moment offers a chance to make lifelong friends and memories. 

Outdoor Experience

Golden Age Weekend Retreats give children the chance to be together with their friends and alone before God.

Golden Age Weekend Retreats are nourishing opportunities to get into nature and be immersed in God’s creation. Watching the sun rise, smelling the morning air, and praying under the sky dazzle and inspire campers each year.

Explore, Learn, Enjoy

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