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Role Description

Golden Age Partnership & Programming Managers develop partnerships with institutions across the country to use Golden Age’s learning packages in Summer programs, Sunday schools, and other educational contexts. They also manage these partnerships. Golden Age Partnership & Programming Managers work to establish and ensure excellent programming that benefits students, teachers, and communities. They often serve as the point of contact with partner institutions. Golden Age Partnership & Programming Managers also serve as resource mobilizers, making sure that Golden Age has the financial and team resources necessary to continue developing and improving its learning packages.


The tasks of Golden Age Partnership & Programming Managers include, but are not limited to: 

Partnership Development

  • Forming partnerships with institutions
  • Writing and crafting compelling partnership proposals
  • Sourcing and communicating with new partners, understanding their organizational needs, and helping tailor a solution for them

Partnership Management

  • Creating role descriptions and qualification requirements for teachers and staff who will work at Golden Age-supported programs
  • Meeting with stakeholders at partner institutions regularly in order to streamline communication and successfully prepare for and execute programs
  • Overseeing marketing of programs by partner institutions 
  • Building and conducting trainings for program administrators at partner institutions
  • Overseeing teacher trainings for teachers at partner institutions (trainings built and conducted by Golden Age’s content development team)
  • Helping partners successfully deploy learning packages throughout the course of their programs
  • Producing accurate and timely reporting about the status of programs at partner institutions 

Resource Mobilization

  • Helping raise capital necessary to grow and improve content development team
  • Contributing to the process of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting qualified content development team members with the ability to effectively curate Islamic program curricula
  • Contributing to the training process for new content development team members


  • Passion for Islamic education
  • Robust moral compass
  • Devoted work ethic
  • Strong leadership, management, and communication skills
  • Minimum of 1-2 years of management experience 
  • Minimum of 15 available hours per week
  • Competency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint

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