Summer Program

Memorize, Understand, Appreciate

Learn the Quran

Students spend time reading, memorizing, and mastering a Surah from the Quran. Students work one on one with trained teachers and huffadh with the goal of leaving the program with the ability to recite the selected Surah by heart. Teachers also focus on helping students improve their reading fluency and memorization proficiency. 

Understand the Quran

Students gain a deep appreciation for the lessons and stories within the Quran. The program incorporates daily tafseer lessons based on a dynamic curriculum with the intention of studying the selected surah verse by verse throughout the 8 weeks. Each student receives a custom made study materials including a notebook/workbook, vocabulary lists, and notes on the daily tafseer lessons designed to help them learn best. 

Have Fun

Golden Age’s summer programs take place during students’ breaks from school, and although the programs are filled with lots of learning, we focus on making the experience as fun and dynamic as possible for all kids. Breaks and activity times are built into the schedule where students play team building games, sports, and enjoy time with friends.  

Check out Photos from our 2016 and 2017 Summer Programs!